The Original SAMSON STRAP™


Whether at home or on the job, this patented lifting strap is an ideal way to lift and move patients and difficult to move objects. Designed to give more options by achieving a better ergonomic lifting position. At 5 ft long, and 10 inches wide with 4 handles on each side, this device is versatile enough to be used two straps together or just one for lighter patients. This is made of 1000 denier Nylon called Cordura, with the sides reinforced with tubular webbing this provides the extreme strength to lift safely up to 900 lbs. per strap. Because the handles come so high off the ground you don’t need to bend deeply and it is easier to keep your shoulders above your hips, creating a safer lifting experience.

To clean, soak it in dish soap to get the dirt out first. We recommend soaking overnight, followed by a good pressure washing, you can put it in an extractor, but be aware the agitation will cause degradation in the sewing. After it is dry you can spray it with the decontamination spray of your choice, we recommend doing this 2 times a year. In between washings, you can use the plastic sheaths we sell to keep it cleaner, or you can just spray it with your decon spray.

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The Original SAMSON STRAP™

Samson Strap is the revolutionary, ergonomic and above all safe way to lift and transfer injured and disabled people. Our proprietary design gives emergency specialists, firefighters and caregivers of any type an easy and versatile way to lift difficult to move patients.

What our customers say

“Easiest & safest way to move someone who has fallen, especially if they also have arm/shoulder issues.”

Duane F.

“These straps are a life saver! They are very durable and easy to use. I def recommend these for every EMS unit.”

Jody V.

“On time delivery and responsive to my questions. Thank you.”

Bryan S.

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