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I Would Like To Try The Samson Strap For 30 Days Risk-Free.

Demo the Samson Strap risk free for 30 days. At the end of 30 days just pay the enclosed invoice or return the Samson Strap along with the invoice.

If interested, fill out Contact Form and select “Yes, I would like to try the Samson Strap for 30 days” in the drop down below.

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The Original SAMSON STRAP™

Samson Strap is the revolutionary, ergonomic and above all safe way to lift and transfer injured and disabled people. Our proprietary design gives emergency specialists, firefighters and caregivers of any type an easy and versatile way to lift difficult to move patients.

What our customers say

“Easiest & safest way to move someone who has fallen, especially if they also have arm/shoulder issues.”

Duane F.

“These straps are a life saver! They are very durable and easy to use. I def recommend these for every EMS unit.”

Jody V.

“On time delivery and responsive to my questions. Thank you.”

Bryan S.

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