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"My father-in-law fell out of bed, he is a very large man and has trouble getting around on his own. After trying to get him up for quite some time, we called the paramedics. When they arrived, one of them pulled out the Samson Strap and we were able to get him up on our first try. I knew I had to get one so I did a quick Google search, and had it ordered by the time he rolled the strap back up."

Lynn Jensen | West Jordan, Utah

I used the Samson Strap around my husbands torso the first time he fell. It worked great considering he has artificial joints in both shoulders and knees and recent back surgery. Even though I couldn't get him up by myself, I was able to move him over to a more comfortable position until we could get additional assistance. I certainly recommend that you try the Samson Strap, it's unlike any other lifting assist device I've seen.

Diana | Colorado Springs, Co.

Simple to use, easy to deploy the Samson Strap has proven to be one of the best solutions to use when presented the need to move large patients from cramped spaces. We highly recommend the purchase of the Samson Strap to all EMS providers.

T. Bolt | South Ogden Fire & EMS

The Samson Strap just plain works. The eight handles allow the rescuer to obtain a better lifting position, decreasing the chance for injury and body substance exposures. A great product for moving patients.

L. Sandberg | Unified Fire Authority, Utah